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SO Frustrated!! Cat Owners Need to be More Responsible.

The DH and I are at our wits end.

Currently, we have two neighbors (one that is behind us and one beside us) that allow their cats to roam.

The neighbors behind us only juuuust started doing this with their cat because they're renovating their house. So what do they do? They put his LITTER BOX and his CAT SCRATCHER on their back deck and leave him out there. I have no clue if he's been allowed back in since the reno's started, but he can certainly tell we have cats (I'm assuming because he always comes to our back door) and meows and meows and meows to be let in. This gets our cats AND dogs very riled up, and lets just say: I have a baby. This cannot continue. Last night I went over to their house, politley knocked on the door, and explained the situation.

This morning? I woke up to my dogs going ballistic because this cat was there again.

The other neighbors beside us, have been an issue since we moved in. Twice this past spring/summer - we found dead baby birds on our deck from our bird house. I cannot even tell you how many times they have pooped in our garden, even in our standing flower pots beside our BBQ. TWICE I have almost hit their black tom cat because he sleeps under my car.

Not to mention that they have been using our side of the fence as a cat scratcher, and we'll need to replace two boards specifically next spring.

We have talked to these neighbors beside us numerous times, especially when we found the dead birds the first time.

Nothing has been done. They continue to walk our fence line, hiss at our dogs when they're outside, etc. It's really driving us nuts, so I have just printed off the City of Calgary bylaws and am planning on delivering them "annonymously" tonight. I even went so far as to highlight all the areas I felt applied, including the $1500.00 fine if this was not followed.

I just want to know if there is anything else I can do. I called the city, and they said they send out cat traps for US to catch them, because they don't do it themselves.
I reeeeally don't want to do this, as we recognize this is not any of the cats fault, but DH and I are both at our wits end.
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