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Dr. Lee

Dear Dr. Lee,

I was going to contact Buck Mountain later today, so thankyou for your reply to my question. While not good news if indeed there are cancer cells in her liver, I would hope the Neoplasene is in the process of destroying them.

Yes, she is on the 300mg protocol, there are no blood abnormalities and her urine levels are normal. While I wait anxiously when any of my pets are under sedation, the next step is to get a culture so we know exactly what we're dealing with.

Meanwhile, she is a happy, active and otherwise very healthy cat. I use an allopathic vet, a homeopathic vet and an oncologist so I can provide the best that modern and alternative medicine have to offer. Also she's on a 100%organic diet with plenty of fresh proteins (meat/poultry/fish/egg), veggies and supplements. So, as a loving and responsible pet guardian, I'll do all I can to keep her strong and we shall see what the future holds.

Thankyou again for your reply and good wishes. It's appreciated.
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