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Neoplasene and Side Effects


Last November my 13 year old cat was diagnosed with Lymphoma in her nasal cavity. She underwent 5 weeks of radiation therapy and is currently in remission. Per my veterinarian, we began treating her with 0.3ml of Neoplasene in her food twice daily. She does not suffer from nausea and does not mind the bitter taste. Every 3 months she undergoes ultrasound to make certain the cancer has not spread. Recently the vet noticed an inflamed liver, appearing in similarity to a cat with diabetes. She is in good health and has tested negative for diabetes.

I understand that the oral from of Neoplasene stimulates a wide body response and inflammation may be created at sites other than the original area of concern. This may be a favorable response, as new cancer cells may be in the process of being killed off.

My question is: if anyone has been treating their pet with Neoplasene, have there been any side effects related to internal organs such as the liver?

I appreciate any information and thanks for the response.
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