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A Kangaroo mouse is a jumping mouse that is native to the southwestern United States and is not found in Canada. Many still call the jumping mice we have in Canada "Kangaroo mice" as well, although more specifically they are known by other names. I suspect that what you likely have is a Woodland Jumping Mouse (could also be a Meadow Jumping Mouse). There are Woodland Jumping Mice, Meadow Jumping Mice, and Pacific Jumping Mice in Canada. The Woodland Jumping Mouse (as well as the Meadow Jumping Mouse) does hibernate and sometimes will go into hibernation as early as September. They generally hibernate till April, although they do wake up about every two weeks to do their business and have a bite to eat (so expect this little guy to wake up any day now and wonder what the heck happened to his home). If this is the mouse you have he/she likely has a stash of food in the ground where you found the nest. The description and habits of the Woodland Jumping Mouse closely match the one you found. Here are some links to info on the Woodland (you can also look up info on the Meadow one on Wikipedia and other places as well):

I live in the city so the only time I ever encountered one was several years ago when we were out camping about 100 miles north of Winnipeg. He came hopping into our campsite when we were gathered around the campfire one night. Very sociable, like the second link said and totally unafraid. I even gently picked him up for a minute and he did not run away after I set him back down. He stayed around us for some time that night and the next morning at breakfast time he came back for another visit. Although I am one of those people who will jump on a chair and scream if I encounter a mouse in a house, I found this little guy to be absolutely adorable. Felt like taking him home - lol.
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