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I love books by Janet Evanovich. She has written several series of books one of which is referred to as the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie is a fictional female bounty hunter from New Jersey and tells about all of her exploits catching people who have jumped bail. The books are hilarious. I don't know how many times I've busted out laughing while reading her books on the bus enroute to work. There is something funny to read on every page. Her sidekick is named Lula who is referred to as an oversized black woman who wears nothing but Spandex which is always several sizes too small. Both women mainly subsist on meals from Cluck in a Bucket or a dozen doughnuts. Lula describes herself as a former 'ho' who is trying to better her life by working in the bail bond office with Stephanie. Stephanie has several boyfriends (one sexier than the next) and a hamster named Rex. Her family are very funny people especially her grandmother who lives to go to viewings at the local funeral parlor. If it's a closed coffin affair, Grandma Mazur will literally pry the coffin open to get a quick look at the dearly departed. There are about 15 books or so in this series but you can start with any one of them. They are definitely worth reading if you like a good laugh.
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