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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I missed this update, growler. Wow you have fantastic vets and of course you are the best cat mom .

Sending to Duffy.
Thanks L4H

Duffy had her ultrasound done today at the specialists everything went great Everything other than the kidneys are normal, no cancer, virtually no scarring on the kidneys - Radiologist said they look like 10 yr olds kidneys not 18yr olds Pancreas, Liver are normal, 3 very small areas in the intestines that look like they might have a bit if IBD but he said it wasn't anything to be worried about - I'm thinking this was being irritated by the bone, which she apparently can't handle.

Dr also checked her heart, again everything looks great very minor weakening of the valve on the right side which is what was causing the murmur (the sound of the blood seeping backwards out of the ventricle). So still rated between 0-1 The left ventricle is perfect - the left side is more serious/important if/when there is an issue.

Interesting little tidbit the radiologist who did Duffy's ultrasound also did a cardiac ultrasound on my Calvin back in 2001 also for a murmur
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