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Need your input and thoughts

I am doing a memorial service for my husbands aunt and I wrote a poem for the minister to read and if you have any suggestions please let me know what you think. Thanks this is not what I do for a living so help me out..

The road from home:

Through a winding valley with majestic mountains on either side and the mighty river between, leads the road from home.

When I was young I left to the unknown looking for adventure, work and a life away from there. Thinking I would never return down the road from home.

It was many years later, I had gone many places and seen a many things. I had even made a family and life of my own, when I thought again of the road from home.

When finally I did return many changes had come, but the land remained the same and memories of childhood flooded back over me the peace, the happiness and the easiness of life then. But my life elsewhere made me return down the road from home.

I have gotten older, life has passed by, children have grown. Many of my loved ones have passed on and family ties have made me think of returning for good. But once again I walk down the road from home.

But this time the journey is different. I shall rest forever here with my family that has gone on before me. For I am here to stay, this will always be home and I shall never again walk the road from home.
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