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Can anyone suggest a new, better camera?

I am looking to upgrade my camera... I'm hoping some of you on here will see this board and maybe give me suggestions. I am looking at the Canon EOS Rebel XS... I want a camera like that. I need a camera with a good zoom (for closeups as well as some further away shots) and a fast shutter speed so I can grab the pictures fast! I currently have just a basic digital camera- Nikon Coolpix L18.. I dropped it and the inside LCD screen shattered. It still works and I've liked it as a nice little pocket cam, but if you've ever seen the kinds of pictures I do with landscapes, closeups of flowers, pics of animals etc... I need something that doesn't take 5 minutes to power up, focus on the subject and me having to hold my hand perfectly still so it doesn't blur.

Also I don't use a flash. I think it ruins picture. I take the majority of my pictures using the sun light. So I need a camera that can handle that too.

Thanks.. hopefully I can get a few good suggestions. I don't really even know where to start. A few people have just said to start off with the entry level Rebel.
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