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I've decided that I am going to cook up a lot of things to freeze, so that when things get tight in the middle of the month, we can eat healthy. I've gone through all the meat we have, and put aside food for the animals, the rest is for us.

So now I need some ideas for freezer-safe recipes using moose, venison, beef, prok and chicken. There is only 2 of us right now, so we rarely make anything spectacular (and I'd like to change that). I've also noticed how much we rely on processed foods, and I would honestly love to change that.

So a few details:

I love to cook! I've had very basic training but I do enjoy trying new things.

We are on a limited budget so everything needs to be cost effective (we're splitting the cost of a Costco account with my parents, and we love to buy in bulk).

Hubby hates beans of any kind. They are just not his thing. However, if they are blended in, he usually can't tell the difference. I love beans and eat them all the time, lol.

I love spice (heat), Gary is slowly getting used to it but appreciates the flavor. Thankfully I can always make mine more spicey if I like

I love ethnic flavors (Indian, Asian, Mexican, etc). Gary loves Chinese flavors, some Mexican, anything Ukranian (he's 1/2 Ukranian, 1/2 Metis), anything Americanized, lol.

I am picky about certain foods. I've just started to eat meat other than poultry and seafood, but we're not big on ham at all (one ER visit after a bad ham was enough to turn us off of it). I am willing to try anything in my freezer, and Gary will eat nearly any meat (but no fish at all). I do not eat anything that was recently alive (lobster, clams, oysters, muscles, crab, etc). I also don't like squid (unless it's a great calamari that I didn't cook, hehe).

We love all veggies with the exception of brussel sprouts. Asperagus, spinach, squash, carrots, beets, etc. Everything is good Carbs are good too, we're not picky about that. We're not big fruit eaters, mostly because its too expensive most of the time. But we often have apples, oranges, pears, bananas, etc.

Ok, that is all I can think of. I look forward to sharing recipes with you all! Hopefully this thread will become large (hint hint!). Right now I am very excited to start to use some of the meat in my freezer Thanks again all!
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