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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Firstly I commend you on adopting an older pup. She is one lucky gal.

Do you have any background history on this dog? Did she come from a breeding facility?

Crating is a good start but I would put this dog on a routine. Don't walk her too frequently, umbilical train her for a few days and you will see a difference in cleanliness within the whole house.

Does she ask for the door yet?
Thanks for your reply. We are the lucky ones: she's a real sweetheart.

No info on her history really. All they know is that she was already spayed, her teeth were really bad (we had them cleaned before we took her home), and she was covered in urine and running loose.

I'm assuming that umbilical training means holding her leash ALL the time? I'm off from work this week, so I can pretty well accomplish that if it will help. She doesn't go to the door or otherwise communicate that she needs to go yet. Actually, she hasn't vocalized at all since we got her. I wonder if putting a diaper on her will help train her faster? Thanks again!

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