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Wow!!! I had no idea that this would lead to such a big discussion. Foolishly - I should have known. I would have been back sooner! Usually my posts get only a few responses and that is it. lkkkkmnnnjkm - that was my Jesse cat saying hello My hands are on the keyboard and he feels they should be on his face instead

Anyway, coming back I feel great that some of you here have decided to talk openly and get into such a discussion and nobody got overheated (no horrible arguments). Yay!!!

I really do hope that IAMS has stopped their animal testing - I will have to wait to see overtime. I am always a little skeptical I have seen the video, I own it on DVD (sent to me through another member here). It is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. It took a month for me to get up the nerve after being told myself how bad it was to watch. I would advise to not watch it if you have a weak stomach and can be brought to tears with ease.

Thanks W4F for - "Never offer advice. The wise don't need it, and the fools don't heed it." I realize that now.... I know he is not a fool, in fact he is a genius, but so very stubborn....

Thanks to everyone else who has spoken here as well
"Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is."
-Albert Camus
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