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Tomato and Onion Salad

Wow, I made this this past weekend and both my Mom and Sister raved about it..I liked it too

I don't really have a recipe but this is how I made it:

2 ripe small tomatoes
1/2 small red onion
salt / pepper
fresh Basil (handful)
fresh Italian/Flat Parsely (handful)
soft goat cheese (I used probably 2 oz or more)
balsamic vinegar 1 - 2 tblsp
olive oil 2 - 4 tblsp

chop tomatoes in bite size peices, halve the onion then quarter it, slice thin, toss together. add salt / pepper to taste, chop coarsely a small handful of basil and parsely add to bowl toss again. break the goat cheese into bite size peices and toss. I left this overnight only 'cause I made it early to take to the lake...I thought that after I added the cheese it might melt into the the tomato/onion worked!It made the juices nice and creamy. before serving I added the balsamic vinegar and the oil tossed and voila.

It was really good I am making it again tonight for my dinner. Enjoy pbp
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