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Well the people I know,family,and friends have "never" had a problem with treat training.They have taken the time to train on their own.No help from trainers.I have done all the training with my dogs on my own.Also with no help from trainers.I guess this is the reason why they know the recall so well.Because it is not done in a bulding with 4 walls.It's done outside with many distractions and it begins on a 30' training leash with time and patience.And at the leash free park which is by our SPCA,all the dogs there come when they are called.Yes,the majority have been trained with treats.And yes some still do use treats.But that's after they come when they are called.Which they do every time.

My GSD Tron is a retired Police Dog.I did all his basic training.Which I took seriously.I had too.I taught him all the basic commands.Yes,with treats.He made it on the K9 Unit with flying colours.And he never became a food stealer.

My husband had a Lab/Husky mix(before I came into the picture. )and guess what,Levon was a food stealer.And here is the kicker,he was NOT treat trained.Yes,he broke him of that habit.Took some time but it worked.So yeah,I guess we will have to disagree.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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