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Iamcanuck,there is a very looong list of"good"food lately,people are more aware and there is big money to be made in good quality pet-food.
To name a few,Nutro,Wellness,Eagle Pack,CSFTCLS...I have to draw the line at some very expensive foods,like Wellness,as Chicken-Soup FTPLS,has the almost exact same ingredients at half the price.
As one example of pricing(not Food),I've been trying different kinds of litters,to get away from the dusty clumping stuff.I heard from another member here about"Worlds best litter"made out of corn and how good it is but was shocked to find out to fill 2 boxes,it would cost $49,75 +15% tax and it would last a month....No,I would not pay $50+/month for cat-litter!!
Your best bet is to read the back of the cat/dog-food bags and go to pet-supply stores rather than grocery-stores.
But like I said before,your elderly cat is doing great,why change anything??
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