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Thank you for the greetings! I think I will visit now and then, but try to avoid the gruesome parts. I will never again buy Iams, but wonder - is there a list of offending pet foods somewhere here? I might get criticized for one thing I give my Velvet when she's feeling poorly. We have laying hens that are fed organic grains and flax for omega 3 for our own use, but when Velvet seems a little thin, or not her bouncy self, I'll take an egg yolk, mix it with an equal amount of milk, whisk it smooth and warm it to just over body temp. If she's off her other food she'll lap this up! She perks right up again. We had a male cat (all our pets are spayed or neutered) that refused his cat food and ate the dogs kibble. We lost him to that horrible, horrible urinary disease. Since then I try to give the healthiest I know. I hate to think that by buying Iams I've been contributing to abuse. So, I'd love a list of safe foods if there is one. Thanks again for the welcome. I know I'm not as savy about goings on as most of you, but as a consumer I want to make better choices.
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