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I started my little one, Hannah, out today on the RAW as well. She tends to be a gulper so I offered her a chicken leg so she wouldnt eat so quickly. She caught on quicker than Athena did. So I guess the decision to feed veggies later on after the initial "chicken" process is up to me right? Ive read some do and some dont. I prefer to keep my girls strictly on the meat, organs, fish etc if possible. After reading about the RAW diet and if Im going by what a wolf would eat in the wild...Wolves would not be eating veggies and fruit. So why would a person add that to their dogs diet?My dogs dont care for fruits and veggies anyway.

Well...Im super excited. I took Athena to another vet yesterday...actually she seen 2 at the same practice. They did a skin biopsy, skin scraping, etc and found no mites, no fungus on her skin. Only thing they found wrong was she had a yeast infection in her ears which I am not treating her for and she had a slight skin infection on her belly from all the itching. Im in a small town and they dont offer the skin allergy test here and I would have to drive her 2 1/2 hours away to do that so they agreed with me on her problematic itchy skin is either seasonal allergies, a food allergy, or she is allergic to something in my house. I guess with switching to the RAW diet I will find out if it is food related soon enough. They put her on yet another antihistamine and gave me a medicated bath to wash her in 2-3 times a week. Gosh I hope its food related so the RAW diet will take care of it that sure would solve my problems!

PS...I put down cloth pads for Athena to eat her chicken on so she didnt get chicken all over my floors. Hannah tried to drag hers off and hide them so I had to pull out my puppy pen and keep her contained while she was eating so she didnt take off with hers. She even growled at her big sis Athena while she was eating which she has NEVER done haha. Guess it was sooo tasty she didnt want her near her food.

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