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TDAAC,Schwinn,thank you for all the info and your opininons,you obviously have dug deeper into this and are more knowledgable than I.
Although,in my opinion even one dog beeing debarked and force-fed,spending his life in a cage,is worthy of protest,I realize the futility of it all..
There is just too much cruelty to animals in our"modern"world,slaughterhouses,factory-farms etc...

Iamcanuck,welcome!!! If you have a 19yr old healthy cat,you are obviously doing something right I would not change a thing if I were you.
I have a friend with 5 cats,two of whom are very elderly,relatively healthy and they have been fed nothing but,Friskies and Meow Mix and I am suggesting nothing to him,his cats are doing great.
I have had cats before,who died of different diseases,but now with my 3,I am more informed and feed them the best I can afford,always read the ingredients.I too feed dry and canned and I vary their canned food,as for dry it's always available 24/7 and their and my favourite is"Chicken-soup-for-the-catlovers-soul"only good ingredients NO Corn.
But like I said before,whatever you are feeding your cat,he's doing great at 19,so do not change a thing
Also,this Forum can at times bring you to tears,but we also have many good-luck stories of rescued,cured animals and a whole bunch of experienced people able to help with advice.So,stick around
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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