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~Newbie and interested in switching to BARF~

~Hello everyone ~

~My name is Kim and Im new to the site! I have 2 dogs...Athena who is 75 lbs and is 4 1/2 month old English Mastiff and Hannah who is 1 1/2 yrs old and is a fat 4.1 oz Chihuahua (should be 3 1/2 lbs). I am wanting to switch to BARF because my Mastiff puppy is allergic to every commercial dog food we have tried thus far she has seen vet after vet after vet and we keep changing her food, keep trying new shampoo's, new medications, etc and my girl is still itchy and frustrated. She sheds quite a bit, and just overall isnt a happy puppy right now. She is good weight and size but she goes from solid stools to runny stools overnight and back again. We cannot seem to get her stable as far as food is concerned. We have been on all natural (well as all natural as a commercial food can get) food for the last week or two and her poor tummy cant take it anymore! SO PLEASE HELP ME!~

~I need as much information as possible. Ive been reading online, Ive joined yahoo groups as of today, and Im trying to learn how to feed both my dogs RAW without breaking my budget because after all my vet bills I am on a budget now. I live in a small town where we dont really have butchers and such. We have local grocery Walmart, IGA, Krogers and such so I need tips and info on how to make meals for a LARGE breed such as Athena and store food for the week/month . Also if anybody can give me a day by day break down on feeding a dog of this size (and larger because she will be much much larger than this eventually as her father is over 200 lbs and mother is 180) I would greatly appreciate it.~

~Also...last but not least at teeny tiny babygirl. I need to know how to feed BARF to such a tiny dog. Her ideal weight should be 3-3 1/2 lbs but thanks to commercial food and treats she is overweight at 4.1 lbs and so she could stand to lose a tiny bit of weight. I havent read much info on feeding raw to the tiny breeds so info on how to feed such a small dog would be awesome too.~

~Also Ive read different information on feeding veggies. Do I need to feed them or dont I? Some say you should and others say they would NOT eat veggies and fruits in the wild therefore I should not feed these things to them. Some of the items I am reading about are hard to come by in my small town so how do I feed my girls a wide variety of items or what do I supplement them with if I cannot find certain things like the Tripe or tongue etc?~

~I would love to see an actual menu or breakdown of a few peoples daily/weekly routine to give me an idea or beginners start here. Thanks SOOO much for allowing me to join your wonderful group! Cant wait to get my girls on a healthier path to a new life.~

Here is a slide show of my girls Hannah & Athena
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