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After going to the vet....

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay but I have been having some nasty personal problems that kept me away from the computer... We are still battling with Milo's issue. The vet said he suffers from Hyperkeratosis. He removed the growth on the rear paw (first picture from first post) but only shaved/filed the one in-between his front pads (second picture from first post).
The problem in the front paw is getting worse to the point that we have to keep milo with a bite collar so he can not chew on it and make it bleed (happened twice). The growth on the front paw is getting bigger and nastier and he started to limp due to the growth (don't know if it hurts him or it is just uncomfortable).

We will be going to the vet once again next week to see if he can do something else other than "shaving" it.. we believe he should remove it like he did with the rear one.

After doing some research on the internet I have the idea that the diagnose is not correct since Hyperkeratosis looks more like psoriasis from the pics we could find. Milo's problem is getting worse and we need to find a solution or at least a correct diagnose so we can treat it properly instead of immobilizing our dog.

I also attached new pictures of the front paw so you all can see the difference with the original picture (even after the vet shaved it down a lot). The red spots are from when he started chewing on it and made it bleed.

Any comment would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot and sorry once again for the delayed response.
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