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Hello. I just registered and thought I'd come look around. I doubt if I'll be here often because the conversation is looking very depressing, to be honest. I don't know what torture & inhumane treatment and videos you talk of, but I am sickened to think of it! I will not continue buying Iams just based on the opinions here, but what can I get in lieu? My precious 19 year old cat is in very good health, and I'd like to keep her that way. I've always bought 3 brands of dry food, a seniors diet, a dental diet, and what I call junk food (Friskies etc). She refuses the senior diet alone - it must be awful. I also give her assorted moist food and a multitude of treats. My dog refuses the same brand of dry food two days in a row, so I get a few brands for her as well. Both pets get Iams off and on. I foolishly assumed I was paying for quality. So, I'd value any advice you can offer. You are so much more in touch with the industry than I (or than I care to by the sounds of it). I add that both of my dear pets are fussy and demand variety, and being senior my cat, Velvet, needs high absorbency nutrients. Thank you, I respect your opinions. ~
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