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Originally Posted by lilycat View Post
Hello to everyone,

My cat has 8 years, i have never had a problem with her until now, i just noticed for the past couple of days that she is very weak on her back legs, the other day i was carrying her and usually when i let her down she jumps on the floor with no problem, but this time she jumped and fell to the floor, and had trouble standing up... also i have noticed that when she walks she tumbles to a side like because of weakness, also she doesn't want to eat or drink, she has lost weight and she just doesn't have energy like in the past.

I always give her ham bcz she loves it! and she always ask for ham, and i found out she had something weird (before i noticed the weak back legs) when the other night i gave her ham and she only smelled it and didn't want it... and she always does! even if she just ate her normal dry food...

i haven't seen her eating the litter but she doesn't want to eat and she is very weak!.... also i stretched her skin and put pressure on her gums to test for dehydration and she seems to be fine..

i of course am taking her to the vet tomorrow (today is closed) but i just can't figure it out!

This is so damn heartbreaking!!
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