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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
I was surprised to read your link, as I had not heard of this before. Learn something new every day!
Just wondering if the grass he's eating was sprayed with weed killer? or some other kind of spray?
No there is no weed killer in our lawn, we dont use it. But i dont believe he is being poisoned because he is fine before and after he vomits. And like i said he only vomits when he eats too much grass, rarely otherwise. But he seems to lose his balance from the convulsions ( as i call them) that they do to vomit.
I did some more searching and found a women who had an 8 year old cat do the same thing, she was on Catster. She asked if anyone had heard of it, and of course no one did. This was in march of 2008. So i emailed her and asked her if she ever found out anything or what was the outcome. She emailed me back and said that (sophie) was fine, and yes she still does it when she vomits, but she was checked out by the vet with blood work and there was nothing wrong. They believe it is her equilibrium being throwed off by the convultions of vomiting.
I am going to call around to other vets, and see if i can get there opinions also.
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