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Puppy with crystals in urine - vet recommending Hills C/D

I have a 12 wk old Brittany puppy who went to the vet today for her 3 mo. shots. While there I had them do a urinalysis due to the breeder diagnosing her with a UTI 4 wks ago just before I brought her home (which she was treated for & tested negative after the antibiotics) and several of her litter mates being diagnosed (by their vets) with UTI's. Today, there was no blood in her urine but her PH is 8 and she has a "significant" amount of crystals. The vet said this is highly unusual in a puppy so young, and recommended changing her diet to Hills C/D.

I bought the new food but am leery to make the switch. I admittedly know nothing about dog food, but am trying to learn. For now am taking the advise and expertise of others, but it's hard to know who to trust. At the suggestion of the breeder my puppy is being fed Solid Gold Hundn' Flockin. My vet knew nothing of Solid Gold. I am afraid with everything I'm reading online that vets are not well versed in nutrition and just push what they sell. I have a lot of faith in my breeder, she is a huge advocate of feeding raw and the use of supplements such as probiotics & canine wholistic complete & apple cidar vinegar & a huge list of others.

My problem is my fiance believes 100% what the vet says because he's gone to school for 8 yrs to learn this and we should just do as he says. I don't think the vet is purposely steering us wrong, but do believe it is possible the food switch is not the best option. Can you please give me your opinions on this?

Here is some technical info...
-I took the urine sample at about 1:30 & refrigerated it until the apt. @ 4:30
- The puppy eats Solid Gold Hundn' Flockin Dry & Soft mixed, with Salmon oil for an itchy coat and probiotics.
- I have also been mixing with her meals some cooked fresh fish that was left over from a fishing trip.
- She gets lots of treats, some healthy some not so heathy. I also give her a Kong filled with either Kong Liver Paste or Peanut Butter.

This is all I can think of for now that may be important, thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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