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Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the link, ACO22. Although, from what I have read, the Feather Guard has apparently been field tested for several years and found to be safe and effective in this kind of application, your important reminder about the horrible consequences to wildlife that often results from the careless use or disposal of fishing line has made me stop and think about whether this is the best option.

Marcha, because the window faces SSW I get a lot of sun for most of the day. I can see the reflection of the tree and hanging planters quite clearly when looking from the outside so I can see birds getting confused by this. I have thought about putting an awning in that window to block out some of the sun but it never occurred to me that it might also being helpful in preventing window strikes. Something to look into for next year. The wicker blinds on the outside are also a good idea if view isn't that important. However, this is the only window that gives us a great view of the back yard. I am sitting with my laptop at the dining room table right now looking out the window as I type. This is the only window I have a problem with, so I am looking for something that is effective but obstructs the view as little as possible.

Haven't used feeders for a couple of years after some falcons decided my yard was a great place to swoop down for a free lunch, but this year I am having more problems with bird strikes than I did when I used them, and it seems to be always the same kind of little bird.

Hazel, I crisscrossed some masking tape on the outside of the window for now like you mentioned. That should hopefully take care of things for the short time remaining this season. I had heard that shiny twirly objects work well for a more permanent solution. How low do your icicle decorations hang above your windows?

Another possibility I was looking at was Windows Alert decals. They shouldn't obscure the view that much either. Has anybody used these?
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