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I don't know about the people you know Mona, but unfortunately, a lot of people I know that have treat trained, end up with dogs that beg all the time. Sure, not everyone, but most of the people I know and who's dogs I've trained. As for the re-call thing, most people that I have met, think that because their dog listens to them within 4 walls when they have treats, that out at an offleash park, the same will happen. I have seen people at off leash parks call, and call, and call their dogs till their blue in the face with a bag of treats. Their dog comes when it feels like it, and sometimes not at all. They can never understand why their dog didn't come, since during class inside a building, the dog listened perfectly. Hmmm....

My 2 pups have never been treat trained and I managed to get my 2 month old border collie listening to me without 'em. That's just me and I still feel that even with puppies, treats are just not neccessary. They work to get your dog's attention, but they aren't the only way to work with a dog. We'll just have to disagree on this one!
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