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My Toronto vet only suggests Hill's - note Hill's is sold by Canadian Vets - when there is a health issue - such as bladder stones/crystals - or upset tummy - I LOVE the canned I/D - for just in case situations - I rotate 2 cans - so far have only used 2 cans in 4 years and this was after my pup's dental 2 months ago. Much easier than the chicken/rice etc. diets and many Eskimo Moms finally just get the Hill's I/D - good thing it tastes good. The stone food - at least in 1989, not so good - but it worked - for me that was the main point - and my guy "recovered" and was able to return to a normal diet which was a very good thing considering he was a gourmet Dachshund. Hopefully my Eskie won't develop stones - although they are prone to it. Of course there are other health issues requiring a specific food - and sometimes Hill's is the better way to go to cover every angle. For those that disagree with me - fine - this is not a debate. By the way, my dogs have always been very healthy - except for Dachshund disc disease - not preventable by food choices - and my Eskie had the doggie flu once - and just dentals due to Collie shaped mouth and refusal to have teeth cleaned - not to mention turning into Cujo when given a bone. My vets are very educated food wide. My guy eats Fromms Four Star and has since 9 months.
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