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Any ideas to help prevent birds from striking your windows?

This morning yet another little bird struck my back window. For some reason, this year it seems to be always the same kind of bird. Looks kind of like a goldfinch but not exactly the same. This little guy ended up flying away after he recovered from his daze, as did all but one of the others this year but apparently, of the birds that fly away, quite a few may still die later of internal injuries.

In cruising the internet I came across this idea (Feather Guard) which is supposed to work quite well. You can easily make it yourself from fishline and feathers.

Here are the instructions for making one:

or if someone doesn't feel like making it themselves, it is also offered for sale ready made (would be much cheaper to make it yourself), here:

I am thinking of trying this, but first I was wondering what other things people might have tried to help prevent bird strikes and how well they have worked for them.
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