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I know I need to post pictures, but I left the piece that you need to download it from your camera at home. I can call my mom and she said that she would send whatever down. A guy in my class has one of those killer know the long lens and probably is a couple thousand as well. He took some even better pictures and is making a page on FB, but he made it a private invaition to join. Pretty much just for our class.

Yes, I do love it up here. The people are nicer and friendier. One thing that I have to get used to is the way that they talk about Toronto is referred to as 'down south' Now, I know that we are south, but just that when you live down here, south is Florida and pretty much everyone at home who talks about down south, is usually talking Flordia....I have to keep on reminding myself that 'south' is my hometown and not florida *lol*

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