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Originally Posted by LavenderRott
. I am not any dumber than I thought I was.
Your too funny Sandi....

When my dogs were pups,and I was training them,I gave them treats.When you have 2 3month old puppies you need to motivate them and get their attention.I used the treats with all the basic commands in the first part of their training prossess.And this was how I trained my previous GSD.And guess what,none of them ever tried to take any food from anyone.Everyone I know who has treat trained has never had a problem with this either.Heck,this is how my sister trained her 3 Huskies and Border Collie.Again,no problems with food snatching either.When my dogs were off leash,all I had to do was call them once and they came right away.I praised them,and gave them their favorite ball.Leash went on and we were on our merry way back home.I had to start to reward Tron with his favorite ball.This is how my brother wanted me to do it.So I also started to do it with Yukon.But yes,I still gave them treats.Why?Cause they were good boys....

As for the comment about the dogs not listening when off leash,don't think it has anything to do with treats.It has more to do with not being taught the re call command.Which is one of the most important commands.Along with sit,stay,down and heel.

Just my input on this.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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