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Originally Posted by chico2
No Schwinn,don't shut up I am just a regular person who loves animals,my own and any other on this planet.
Whether it's IAMS or any other company conducting horrific testing,I am pleased if someone has the courage to speak up.
No animal,in my view,in 2004/05 should be subjected to cruelty to make sure I will not be blind from using a certain shampoo,I believe we have outgrown such practises.
But I am being very naive in thinking it will ever stop :sad: I do my small part in trying to buy products not tested on animals.
As for IAMS,in my opinion it is crappy food,we now have so many choices of good foods out there,no need to feed junk anymore.
I agree with you there, and I do hope that we will some day get to the point where cruel testing will stop. One thing I will say, in regards to animal testing and products that are "cruelty free", is that just because a product does not say it is cruelty free, does not mean it isn't. I remember during university talking about this, and a LOT of products that are sold as "animal testing free" and "cruelty free" are that way because the ingrediants have already been tested, and no longer require those methods. I found it interesting that a lot of companies that brag about thier products not being tested on animals are leaving out the fact that it is because thier ingrediants were proven years ago to be safe through animal testing. What happens is they will use these ingrediants after a period of time when a previous company tested it on animals, and then they can use the ingrediants without having to test it. For example, make-up. There are lots of companies that sell make-up that they have not tested on animals. But unless you are wearing crushed berries, the ingrediants in the products were animal-tested at some point. It's kind of like a group of people being afraid to cross a bridge because they don't know if it is safe. Four or five cross and make it. Person number six crosses then brags about how they weren't nervous when they were crossing. Of course not, the work has already been done. I too try to buy products that I feel are "animal friendly". I only say that because I was surprised to know that, and I think it is important to keep in mind.
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