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Love malamutes. The biggest issues with them are their annimosity to other dogs and their ability to jump very high fences to wander.

We have a fellow on our block who has two. He had to do some fancy talking to get the breeder to let him get a second pup from him because of their issues with other dogs. They also have an 8 foot fence now as their first dog used to scale the 6 foot one all the time and go for walks with DH and our first dog. It wasn't like he didn't get lots of exercise, his owners diligently exercised that dog. You forever saw him walking up the street by himself though, he scaled that fence like it was nothing.

They hate heat, love the winter and love to lean up against you for affection. Fluffy (I know, horrible name for a 140lb male mal), used to appear in my driveway from time to time after scaling his fence and would almost knock me over when he leaned into me for a nice pat.

I would advise obedience training and don't forget lots of exercise. Most important requirement here is must post pictures.

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