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No Schwinn,don't shut up I am just a regular person who loves animals,my own and any other on this planet.
Whether it's IAMS or any other company conducting horrific testing,I am pleased if someone has the courage to speak up.
No animal,in my view,in 2004/05 should be subjected to cruelty to make sure I will not be blind from using a certain shampoo,I believe we have outgrown such practises.
But I am being very naive in thinking it will ever stop :sad: I do my small part in trying to buy products not tested on animals.
As for IAMS,in my opinion it is crappy food,we now have so many choices of good foods out there,no need to feed junk anymore.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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