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TDAAC,you are very right,it's all about money :sad: if anyone would stand up against P/G,they would have to be prepared to deal with unending lawsuits and lose contributions to help more fortunate animals..I suppose the torture and maiming of a few hundred former pets is easily forgotten with a few handouts :sad:
Some Humane Societies contribute to this horror by selling former pets to research,I doubt they believe they are giving the dogs/cats a"good home"in a research-facility,why would they raise their voices when they are part of the problem??
I do not know enough about PETA,only about the items ending up in the newspaper,like spraypainting furbearers(sounds like fun!!!)and that the one woman(forgot her name)supports BSL,which I don't,but I believe basically they care about animals,care about the torture that goes on behind closed doors,something we rather not want to be reminded of.
Schwinn,I did not see the Video,I just do not have the stomache for it,but spoke to many who did,even my vet,people were sickened and horrified,that is all I need to know.To me it does not really matter where it came from,who is doing it...the fact is other animals are suffering so we can feed our Fido and Fifi foods that are relatively safe.The fact the report came from PETA does not make it any less real,whether we support PETA or not.The animals and their un-ending suffering is very real
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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