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That's exactly my thoughts about it Melei's Mom. We're not a very 'treaty' family though, so our tolerance for what constitutes treats is rather limited. For my boys, having a slice of cheese, a strip of fried bacon, a boiled egg, a handful of cucumber or carrot is as pleasing and rewarding as a lollipop or a bag of chips (they often leave the sweet stuff half-eaten too). My oldest son and I don't like cakes and pastry (though we love whipped cream, even though we're slightly lactose intolerant) but we love fresh fruit pies. My youngest son is in heaven when he gets feta with capers or olives to school. None of us like wiener sausages or hot dogs (but we love salami) so perhaps that is part of my reluctance toward wieners. We don't have any ideological issues with treats (we're not religious about it), it's just a personal preference and taste.

I will definitely try the frozen peas. We always have some - for our goldfish, who eats them as part of its diet instead of commercial flakes

Next time I have bacon in the house I'll see how Bodhi responds to that as a treat. Thanks for the tips!
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