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Dog with back pain - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi guys,
Last May my friend's Husky was limping, she brought him to the vet and nothing was found and with rest it seemed to cure itself. She had noticed intermittently since then a slight limp that went away when the dog was up and moving around. Over this holiday season, her dog started "crying" and would not or had great trouble moving around. This happened very suddenly,
the dog was fine in the morning when she went to work and seemed normal when she returned, walking and playing as usual. After about 2 hours the crying started she took her to the vet. They did x-rays and everything looks normal but when the vet put pressure on the lumbar region, the dog was very vocal! The vet told her to get a crate and keep the dog quiet for 10 days and that she suspects Intravertabre disc disorder. This is a youg dog (3 years) with no obvious symptoms except the sudden onset of pain (the husky was playing vigoriously with my dog only 3 days before!) I told her to get a second opinion and suspect maybe a pinched nerve or slipped disc which wouldn't show on an x-ray. She decided to bring the dog home and crate it things improve with rest. I'm hoping one of you have come across somthing like this before.

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