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Originally Posted by chico2
Schwinn,I do not support PETA in most cases,but lets not forget..huge companies like Proctor/Gamble are untouchable,they have a looong list of products still tested on animals in the most cruel way.
We all know it goes on,but how do you fight big CO's...$$$$$ always is more important than a few animals.
So,you are saying these animals on the Video(which I did not watch)were treated well and because PETA is what it is,it is all staged????
No, no, not at all. I'm saying what the counter arguement was for the video. I haven't seen the video myself, so I'm not really in a position to say whether it is valid or not (can't watch videos at work, and most of my surfing is at home on weekends, so it'll have to wait until Saturday). I'm not even saying that PETA is wrong. Just looking for support outside of PETA, as I find it surprising that no other group has joined in against Iams (that I have seen). The groups that support Iams (such as American Animal Hospital Association, American Kennel Club, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, American Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, Humane Society of the United States just to name a few) are well respected. I find that curious, especially given the video. I mean, especially for someone who has not seen the video, doesn't that sound odd? I know I've spoken out before about how I feel about PETA, but I'm not passing judgement in this case on them, only asking the question. If it were a case of Iams vs. PETA, I would probably lean towards the video evidence. But it's the fact that so many other groups who I respect are jumping to the defence of Iams. Also, I just started researching this, so I still don't have an opinion yet.

Please don't think I am dismissing the evidence based on the group. I just want to make sure I've satisfied all my questions before I start condemning Iams to everyone I know (I'm not being sarcastic, I really will be rather vocal about how I feel if this is the case)
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