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Thanks Chico. He/she is a little over 5" (about 13cm) long, nose to tail. I'm told they grow to about 8-10".

Macomom, it took every ounce of feminine wiles I have to get this one! I'm pretty sure bringing home another would result in divorce! Besides, I've had it ingrained in my psyche that "breeding is WRONG" for so long...I'm having a hard time dealing with the casual attitude towards breeding reptiles. There doesn't appear to be as much of an issue with breeding reptiles as there is with breeding dogs/cats, though. And apparently cresties are among the easiest to breed. I'd be afraid of bringing home another unsexed baby and then waking up one morning to find out ... Oops! I have a breeding pair and Oh, look, there's a little clutch of eggs!

Experiences? How's this one? First night we got him home, I fed him a little CGD (crested gecko diet) mix off the tip of my finger. He loved it, so I offered him the plastic baby food cap I had the rest of it on. He sprang onto the lid so fast it scared the living daylights out of me! Made me jump right out of my skin! As babies, they're very twitchy little buggers until they get used to being handled. Found out the hard way just how twitchy they are!
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