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Originally Posted by chico2
Well,there is a video,I did not see it,I cannot handle that sort of thing :sad:
I am not sure if I have it right,but here it is.(I think!)
I did write to IAMS(Proctor and Gamble)and they did not exactly deny their practises,but swore up and down that they do not test that way anymore.
Apparently (and again, this is Iams vs. PETA, as that is a PETA site), the arguement is that video contains images that had nothing to do with Iams, and the "undercover agent" had themself authorized some of the tests on behalf of Iams without thier knowledge (this "agent" had supposedly got themselves in a position of power to do thier "investigation".) But one question I have is, if the allegations are true, or even partly true, why has there not been a mainstream news journal investigation, like 60 Minutes or anything like that? They love this stuff. And why are there no other organizations supporting the allegations, instead of supporting Iams (such as many kennel clubs, the Canadian Human Society, etc?). Again, I am not defending either group, just trying to find answers. I have been told about companies who are evil before, and upon further investigation, found out things weren't quite as I thought (Just remember, when getting all those e-mails, Snopes is your friend! ) . I'm not condemning PETA in this case, just saying that there doesn't seem to be a lot of support for thier position outside of the organization, yet lots of support for Iams from well-respected groups. (Just remember, when getting all those e-mails, Snopes is your friend! )
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