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Oh, Tyr. All we can do is offer our advice. You know the old saying: "Never offer advice. The wise don't need it, and the fools don't heed it.". I found out over the holidays that acquaintances of ours got a Toy Poodle. First of all, these are people who never, ever liked dogs, but got one now because a) their teen-age daughters bugged them for one, and b) they saw a neighbor walking a Toy Poodle down the street and thought "Gee, it's cute and small, so maybe we'll get that one for our daughters just to shut them up." (cringe). So they went to the pet store (cringe again) and picked up this Toy Poodle because it was the same sex and colour as the one their neighbor has (cringe once more). She's very cute (I'm still not convinced she's pure - her fur is very Shih Tzu-ish), but in the short time we were together, I saw them make every conceivable mistake a rookie pet owner could make. I was biting my tongue so hard I'm surprised it didn't bleed. The only bit of advice I did offer (because I sensed an impending disaster) was to nix their notions of litter training the puppy (which they were doing to avoid having to descend to the yard from their second story balcony). I suggested that it might confuse the pup when they were out visiting friends if it didn't find a convenient litter box and might end up messing in the house. They didn't like the idea of the pup doing something that bad in front of friends, so they thought they would train it to go outside after all.
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