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Training treats?

We are trying to find the training treat that works best for our pup. So far, we have noticed that treats are often larger, and require a bit of chewing (and then looking for the crumbs and such), which interupts the flow of the already short training sessions.

The things that work best for us so far are freeze-dried liver broken into smaller pieces, or kibble. Today we found out that non-salted smoked salmon is an ultimate treat too. She's getting less interested in the kibble (Orijen large pup) because we're feeding her raw, and she seems to consider kibble 'inferior' or less preferable. We have also tried freeze-dried chicken (crumbles too easily, so not easy to take along in a pouch) and Evo treats (too large, need to be broken up, takes away from the speed of praise by food). The salmon was very easy to break up into the 'slices' of fish meat, and she just looooves it. But yeah - kinda pricey!

What do you use for training treats for pups? Why do you use that particular one? What could you recommend for us?
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