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Glad your little man was okay!

The night before my wedding, my hamster Buttertoot (don't ask lol) damaged his teeth, after he got them caught on something. (At least that's what we assumed, we didn't see it happen.) When I found him he had blood AAAALL over his little mouth, and one of his teeth was bent forward and upwards, almost like something had pried it out that way.
We immediatley took him to the emerg vet that night - I was a basketcase. They actually had to put him under and straighten the tooth as much as they could. Of course no one let my husband live down a $166 vet bill for a hamster, but as he said, it was the night before our wedding - he was doing ANYTHING to keep me happy!

Regardless though, I would always do it again. I'm glad you and your bf did too! They're little but so worth it.
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