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Originally Posted by TobsterMom Granted, Iams is a good food, [/QUOTE

Not true at all.Have you read the ingredients?If I'm correct,the second ingredients in Iams is corn.A big no-no.The first 4-5 ingredients in any dog food should not be corn.

Here is a good article.

Scroll down and check out the Iams Ingredients.

I agree it's not the BEST food in the world, but I just mean compared to many other grocery store brands. I have seen what cheap department store and grocery store brands do to an animals coat and excrements...not good. .

I have to somewhat disagree with something metioned in the first link posted.

"Procter & Gamble allegedly took the opposite tack with its Iams and Eukanuba lines, reducing the feeding amounts in order to claim that its foods were less expensive to feed. Independent studies commissioned by a competing manufacturer suggested that these reduced levels were inadequate to maintain health. Procter & Gamble has since sued and been countersued by that competing manufacturer, and a consumer complaint has also been filed seeking class-action status for harm caused to dogs by the revised feeding instructions"

I fed my dog Iams up until 4 months ago, using the suggested feeding amounts. He was perfect weight and health, so I don't quite get that

I feed him Medi-Cal preventitive formula. He loves it and is thriving on it.
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