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Unhappy Would you be worried?

Quick background.....I have a 2 year old boxer who was diagnosed with epilepsy about 5 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago he deveoped a lump on his size on top of the skin. I treated it with some benadryl and neosporin it got really red and bloody because he started messing with it but it did get smaller. I took him to the Vet Friday to have his Phenobarbital levels checked and the vet said it popped like a zit and had puss in it...

His guess was a abcess and gave us a topical spray. He said to take this very serious and if its not gone it 2 weeks it would need removed. There is a possiblity its not a abcess but something else. (Tumor i am guessing). He sounded very serious when he talked about it.

I guess my question is if a lump with puss could be cancer??? My vet bills are racking up with the epilepsy and now this but he is worth every penny.
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