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I know how you are feeling. Our cat Tuffy got out of the house the evening of August 5th and we have a wooded park across the street. She has been a house cat for 10 years and will be 11 on Sept. 17th. We have delivered 800flyers and put up many posters. Some of our posters have been removed by weather and some by human hand but we keep putting them back up saying "STILL MISSING".

We also have many raccoons so the tuna and live trap did not work. We have her bed on the porch and put our shoes out at night. I think I know every cat in our area now - and I know the ones that are fed but have no home. We go to the Burlington animal shelter every day. The humane society only receives animals after they have visited a vet so we have called all the vets and put posters in the closest ones.

Many animals turn up after a very long time so we will never give up hope!

On my travels I found another cat that was missing and it was returned to its family and that felt great!

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