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I know all of what you said already, but it doesn't change the fact that dogs learn quite effectively without treats. Whether or not they look like wolves doesn't change the fact that they still operate in packs. Have you seen dogs together? Even at offleash parks they form packs with eachother all the time! Because I am Alpha with all 3 of my dogs, I have the ability to step in whenever I deem fit, and they have to listen to me. I also maintain control over them at all times. There is no need to treat train your dog when you can get more consistant results without. I know that wolf packs share their food, but at feeding time, the Alpha eats first and lets the rest of the pack eat what he allows them to, when he allows them to. I'm saying that they don't reward the cubs with food everytime they sit. That's ridiculous!

Don't get me wrong, my training isn't harsh or mean, it's just very direct. I only correct what needs correcting at the time, and I also praise like crazy when they do good. I also give my dogs treats, but at random. They don't have to do a task to get a treat. That way they don't associate the two.

Even using treats part time can be harmful. When I got my red heeler, I treat trained her because I didn't know any better. After that, she became food agressive and grabbed food out of your hand! My brother-in-law was eating a sandwich and Red jumped up and took it right out of his hands, right in front of me!! She'd never done that before. It took a while to correct that, and it's still there, just not as bad. She still begs at dinner time, the whole time. Anyways, I'll never agree with treats and clickers because they aren't neccessary. There is no need to use them when you can get your dog to listen and work for you out of respect for you. It's quite simple actually.
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