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Angry Kitten abandoned right in front of my eyes

I was with my friend at her house and we were just sitting on the driveway talking like we do all the time because her house is impossibly hot and we see this white van pull off to the side of the road. We were wondering what the heck they were doing when we heard "Quick get back in the car! Let's go!" When the pressed the brake down to put the car in gear we saw something behind the car. It was dark so I went to my car which was parked on the side of the road and turned the headlights on so we could see down the street and we saw a kitten, that wasn't much older than my little one sitting in the middle of the road! We were appalled and so furious that these people would abandon this kitten in the middle of nowhere instead of taking it to a rescue or shelter. The poor thing was terrified and lost. It had no problem with other people, but it doesn't seem to like the smell of the other cats because my friend has a couple of cats in her home and the kitten wouldn't come near the house. Fortunately for the kitten it was abandoned in a place where there were people who saw it and were able to try and help it, and luckily my friend has some cats so we were able to get the poor thing some food (you could see and feel, it's ribs so we knew it needed some food) and it is being taken care of and it is a really pretty gray tabby calico mix, and seems to be very friendly around people. I just can't believe that they would do that, especially with 2 witnesses to it!
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