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Originally Posted by A Golden Life View Post
Just wanted to thank evryone for these posts. It helped with Hunter when the time came last week to put him down ( I am anskygyrl's mom) Last Tuesday, he began vomiting blood and you could see was in pain. We had a 10 year old golden, Lucy, who also went through liver cancer 3 years ago. She did not have the nosebleeds, but had fluid around her heart. Our little 2 year old golden, Laci, is missing Hunter and keeps looking for him everywhere. I am afraid that maybe it was the Nutro diet that brought this on? Lucy and Hunter were not related, yet suffered almost identical disease. I want to do all I can to be sure that this does not happen to her.
Mom to Laci and 4 people kids
Our sweet 3 yr old vizsla recently developed nose bleeds similar to the ones posted in this thread. Prior to the nose bleeds we did notice sneezing and his breathing through his nose seem to be compromised. A year ago, he was diagnosed with polymyositis. The related temporal muscle atrophy seemed to be since stabilized. Polymyositis is an autoimmune disease and has also been associated with eventual cancer. He was sustained via daily dosages of prednisone (steroid) & every other day with azathioprine (chemo). His immune system was compromised. After reading what these poor dogs went through with the treatment & suffering through the nose bleeds, we decided that we didn't want our poor baby to suffer more in the same way so we sadly & painfully said our goodbyes with him.

I notice that this post by Golden Life mention Nutro diet which is interesting to me because our dog was on this diet, too. Just wanted to make this post should it ever make a difference.
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