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Thumbs down Friend feeding IAMS

I was over at my hubby's friends house the other day and I saw his wife pouring food into their cat bowls. As from the title you can reasonably assume it was IAMS - a great big bag of it :sad:

Instantly I blurted out "You feed your cats IAMS?!". Only to get an irritated response of "Yes. Why?". I went into all the cons of IAMS and how they mistreat their animals through animal testing for their products.

Well, I did not get the response I thought I would get. Instead I got "So what? I am sure all pet food creators do animal testing and IAMS is just the only one who has been caught because of how big of a corporation they are. The big companies always get caught if they are doing something like that.... Besides, it is the best possible cat food you can feed your cat. Everything else has high ash content. Ever since I started feeding them IAMS I have noticed they are healthier and create less waste".

I was really surprised by his response as he is a Vegetarian. I thought I could help show the light and stop another person from supporting animal cruelty, but all I got was irritation, defense and argument :sad:
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