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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
A backhoe to install a well pump in your basement ? Are they at least gonna help fix up the lawn and garden ?
The pump itself is down in the well, that blue thing is just a pressure they needed to install new pipe from the well (at the left corner of the garden at the front) to the house. But they brought in a serious excavator, not the little utility digger that would have made more sense, considering the pipe was all of a 2" diameter!!! And no, they're NOT going to help fix it, in the eyes of the plumber, it's already "fixed" In fact, they were going to BILL us for it!!! We made it clear that wasn't going to happen. We'll see what happens when we get the bill for the well job this week.

Originally Posted by aslan View Post
Excellent job Bendy and DW...It looks 150% better. See Frenchy the taupe shades looks so much warmer.
Thanks a million for the complements! Yeah, the neutral tones we picked are warm and cozy but still bright and airy-feeling. That god-awful purple was so frikin' suffocating, and it was EVERYwhere!!!
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