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thanks.. i really appreciate all the help everyone gives me on here. It was just rather sudden. I spoke with Timmy's vet on the phone a few minutes ago and he didn't really have any ideas. He said panluek.. but I said he's had all his vaccines and hasn't really been anywhere. He had his intra-nasal and panagen vaccines when he was a baby before i even took the little family home with me. He's had 2 regular distemper vaccines since then.. no exposure to anything or anyone who is sick.. I haven't been around any panluek cats.. I did come in contact with an FIP cat recently, BUT did not touch it.. stayed farrrr away, and completely like, sanitized myself and my shoes before I got home and threw my clothes right in the laundry.. but he had already been acting weird before I even was near the FIP cat.

You would think if anything Timmy would have died... or gotten sick or something. Timmy is like 100% perfect though. He goes everywhere with me and has his vaccines right on schedule with my little dude who passed away.

None of it makes any sense. I just wish I could have done something for him last night but he just in all honesty.. dropped dead. I feel bad I fell asleep and in maybe 2-3 hours.. he went from being kinda lethargic and whatever.. .. to on his side.. labored breathing and unresponsive. It was just horrible.

I put him in my bed on a heating pad.. put eye drops in his eyes (they were stuck open it was horrible) and just tried to comfort him and cover him with a towel. when he started just putting his head back and doing the death cries and the gasping thing ... i just knew.. then he died a short time later. terrible... i deal with dead animals and terrible stuff all the time but when it's your own little kitten... obviously it just is horrible and makes it harder to try and continue to act 'professional' for lack of a better word when I have get on with life and keep doing what I do. Just like how I get a little upset when I see FeLV kittens from what happened last summer...

I wish something could have been done but there wasn't anything wrong with him!!!
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